Since our first day IBS has partnered with and invested in companies at home and abroad.

IBS is pursuing a buy-and-build policy. This means, that the investments and partnerships are not entered short-term or just for speculative purposes only, but to serve the long-term development of these companies.

Therefore, there is no time period during which the investments and partnerships have to be released or divested. The companies may remain under control of IBS even long term.

Management and executive boards of these companies act independently. There is no common group policy or a centralized management. This allows our companies to flourish and develop independently and to optimally use the market conditions specific to them.

IBS supports management teams in both – strategic development and, if necessary, during operational tasks. In any case, IBS is fully committed by acting as management for the strategic and operational repositioning of the companies during the time after the acquisition by IBS.

Currently important partnerships:

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