Change management

For various reasons, organizational changes in a company may be necessary to improve the economic competitiveness, even if these changes are somewhat unorthodox and not commonly used in normal operative practice. IBS will develop the necessary concepts or takes control over the strategy finding process and, if required, will in most cases also oversee the implementation and realization of the project.

Over the years we have achieved an excellent reputation, because we do not provide just theoretical concepts, but we can actually back up our success with numerous practical experiences in many fields. Our clients can be assured that we will only ever work on a small number of mandates so that we can focus 100% on a successful completion of the job at hand and to provide you with the very best solutions possible. External experts from our network deliver valuable input and support throughout the entire process.

Recovery and Crisis Management

If IBS acts as interim managers and/or is part of the operative management, we ensure that:

  • all important decisions for the daily business are made in a timely manner
  • tight financial management, especially if cash flow is critical
  • to free up reserves and increase resources, so that our customer is able to address his structural and strategic tasks

Most of the decisions, which have to be taken, may be unpleasant and painful, especially if they mean that employees will have to be laid off. Nevertheless, these decisions are required to enable the healthy part of the company to survive.

Sometimes the reorganization of a company is not possible without filing for bankruptcy. Here IBS will offer to lead the parts of the business that can survive through the insolvency proceedings to enable the company to start anew. With these mandates, we usually fall back on our team of experts, who are based in the fields of taxation, auditing and insolvency law to achieve an optimum result for the customer.

M&A - Assignments

In cases of mergers & acquisitions we offer extensive knowledge and practical experience. We can provide concrete references – from conducting due diligences to participating in negotiations all the way to integration/merger of acquired businesses.


IBS has supported numerous companies and businesses in finding solutions for their financial requirements. These services include negotiations with financial institutions for improved conditions as well as re-structuring the entire financing plan of a company.

Many companies have assigned us with the search for new financial capital. Especially for recovery assignments the finding of new and often additional financing is required to be able to implement the concept for recovery.

In many cases IBS was able to provide complex financing models, for example by implementing mezzanine capital, new equity and similar resources, which were then put into practice. For Start-ups IBS has often supported multiple financing cycles over longer periods of time.

Start-ups, Spin-Offs and Change of Power

Many of our consultancy mandates relate to companies that "are just being developed". This may be because they are Start-ups or because individual parts of the company are spin-offs from its previous parent or sister company. In the first period of existence of these "young" companies a whole array of specific tasks will have to be managed and these are often assigned as consultancy mandates over to us – IBS.

This ranges from the design of partnership agreements, the regulation of the relationship among shareholders, discussions with public and funding agencies and finding solutions for organizational issues about procedures and structure of a project. If requested IBS is prepared to take over line functions during this time, such as in the form of establishing a Business Management Board or an Advisory Board / Supervisory Board, which would be for the first time since the new company was founded.

Often a change of management or control triggers problems. In many cases these issues are not just functional, but more somewhat emotional. In these cases, IBS is often called in as an objective and `honest broker`, which is committed only to the company and not to individuals or stakeholders. Our clients do value our knowledge in such contracts, because of our longstanding and extensive practical experience, which we will gladly bring in to solve such issues.